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April Fools Day Fun

On April 1st, AKA April Fool's Day, we played a little joke on some of our more entertaining residents. First we made up some Jell-O and put it in clear cups with a straw so it looked like drinks. We passed these "drinks" out and watched as the resident tried to drink the "Juice" we had given them.

The residents were amused that we would pull something like this with them. But it didn't stop there. We then passed out a word scrambler and told them that the first person to complete the scrambler would win a prize. Everyone set out to win that prize but were stumped on the first word. We snickered as each person asked the other if they could figure any of the words out. This scrambler used letters that could not make words. Finally one resident read the answer key across the bottom that read 1)sorry 2)but 3)you 4)have 5)been 6)pranked 7)happy 8)april 9)fool's 10)day We actually had one lady continue to make words by leaving some of the letters out. She was determined to win. The residents really seemed to enjoy the fun little pranks we played on them.