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Colerain News And Activities

Happy Hour with Ray Heckman

Posted on 3/19/2018 by Administrator Account

On Fridays, residents look forward to celebrating the end of the week with a lively Happy Hour. We kick back with root beer floats and snacks while enjoying special entertainment. Our most recent gathering featured entertainment by one of our favorite performers, Ray Heckman. In fact, residents special request Ray because they enjoy listening to him sing and play his saxophone. The sing-alongs bring out the smiles and always are the highlight.

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Karaoke Fun

Posted on 3/12/2018 by Administrator Account

Two Mondays a month Joy & RJ bring us Karaoke Time and everyone looks forward to it. Looking around the room you see eyes light up and faces that are full of smiles as they fully enjoy listening to the music. Some are braver than others to take the microphone, but residents and family members alike step up to the plate. Even Tara, our Activity Director has been known to sing a tune or two Pat, one of our residents, is seen here joyfully singing My Way.

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Winter Crafts

Posted on 2/27/2018 by Administrator Account

We recently enjoyed a winter craft day making mugs. It was a great opportunity to stretch our imaginations, exchange creative ideas, laugh and chit chat.

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2018 Valentine's Day Party

Posted on 2/27/2018 by Administrator Account

We had a wonderful turnout for our recent Valentine's Day party. Residents got caught up in familiar love songs from their era performed by Ray Heckman. Delicious, festively decorated cupcakes and beverages satisfied everyone's Valentine's Day sweet tooth, and we're anxiously looking forward to our upcoming Easter event. Family and friends are always welcome to join us, so watch the activities calendar!

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Thriving Friendships

Posted on 2/27/2018 by Administrator Account

Many of our residents build strong bonds of friendships here and we take great pride in the fact that we have a very joyful and fun-loving community. Residents Cookie (Caretha) and Pat have become quite close and look forward to participating in activities such as our recent Valentine's Day party. They share a common love for music and dancing, and it was quite evident they were thrilled with the entertainment.

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It's Mardi Gras Time!

Posted on 2/14/2018 by Administrator Account

It might have been cold outside, but residents were warming up for Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras fun inside! It was a wonderful afternoon of festivities as we ate king cakes, enjoyed refreshments and played cards. This was a perfect opportunity to meet new faces and brush up on favorites like UNO, Rummy, Bingo, Seven Up and Crazy Eights. It was a fun event, full of lots of good memories and laughter.

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Lucy Visits Always a Success

Posted on 1/12/2018 by Administrator Account

Lucy is always raring to go when she comes for her monthly Liberty visits. Residents and staff get just as excited to see her. Lucy is a rescue dog, and her therapy training is through Pet Therapy Unlimited. Maria Gruber is her handler. Lucy certainly knows what her job is because she never runs out of love and kisses for everyone! We're already looking forward to her next visit.

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Making Friends at Liberty

Posted on 1/10/2018 by Administrator Account

It's not always easy to transition living spaces, different routines and unfamiliar faces. However, Liberty residents Eileen and Helen have found that it's quite easy to build lasting relationships here. The trick to making new personal connections, in any environment, is to attend events or hang out in living spaces where people with common interests gather. It turns out, that Eileen and Helen both love parties and many of our other activities. Where ever you find one, you'll more than likely find the other... they are a perfect duo. Their favorite pastime though is an easy afternoon just chit chatting with each other. We love when our residents find joy in personal relationships.

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Gracie Comes For a Visit

Posted on 1/9/2018 by Administrator Account

Many studies have been conducted that profoundly show how pets have the ability to calm and soothe agitated or depressed individuals. They're a medium for physical touch, and dogs especially, always respond with a full display of affection. Our community is continually seeking opportunities for Pet Therapy visits, and recently our friend Roz graciously introduced us to her pet, Gracie. Although relatively new to the Pet Therapy program, Gracie was well-behaved and raised spirits for residents, their families and staff. We're grateful that Roz and Gracie provided this heartwarming experience. More Pet Therapy visits will be coming up in the future. If you'd like more details on the dates and times, please contact our Activity Director, Tara Coats at 513-510-5525, ext 503.

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Ringing in 2018

Posted on 1/5/2018 by Administrator Account

There's nothing like ending the year with a little fun, so Liberty residents greeted 2018 while tooting their party horns and nibbling on cheese snacks and wine. We also enjoyed entertainment by Rich Monroe. Rich always gets everyone's toes tapping by treating us to our favorite tunes.

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