Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for families and caregivers. Because it covers a broad range— from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease— we recognize that a one size fits all approach is not effective. At Liberty, we understand the complexities of memory impairment and the specialized care needed to create a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. 

In our secure unit, memory impaired residents receive 24 hour care, surrounded by love and compassion. Our state-tested nurse aides have been professionally trained to deal with the unique needs and behaviors of these residents. The Liberty team is prepared to deal with every stage of memory loss while being conscious of each resident's physical, mental and social needs so that we can provide care that they respond to favorably. We value each senior and recognize their personal preferences as we provide gentle and supportive assistance so that your loved one maintains their dignity throughout the course of this illness. A neuropsychologist and psychiatrist are also available for consultations and care plan development. 

Enhancing life through activity

Not only is our memory care unit secure, it also provides a nurturing environment that fosters independence for as long as possible. Our philosophy of care is to provide a framework of stimulating activities that keep residents engaged which reduces their need for medication. These pursuits provide valuable interaction and structure their time while improving their well being by adding purpose and meaning to everyday life.

With an ongoing commitment to serving those with dementia, we provide the time and dedication it takes to offer a secure and comforting place to call home.