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If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us. We strive to keep our communities vibrant and active. Click the link to the Activity calendar. Calendar PDF

A Toast to 2018

We had our first Happy Hour for 2018. It was a relaxing afternoon, enjoying the company of good friends, cold drinks and 50's rock and roll music. We reminisced about the past year, and made plans for new adventures in 2018. Everyone is looking forward to better weather and staying very busy!

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Regularly Out and About

Meet Mr. John Henney, our Resident Council president, and Linda Cole our social worker. They are an integral part of our close-knit community and make a dynamic team—eager to maintain good communication and a quality environment throughout our facility. Together, they make an excellent sounding board for concerns and work on finding solutions, help promote friendships within the community, and even assist in planning activities and events. Mr. Henney can be seen regularly visiting neighbors, always staying accessible and engaged with everyone. Both residents and staff appreciate their warm interest and efforts.

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