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A Love Story

in Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield Love Story

I would like to start this blog to say at this time of social distancing our residents have had many window visits celebrating birthdays and families just stopping by to wave but a daily visit from the husband of our sweet Mildred Davis has touched all of our hearts and made us proud to be a part of their lives. I will start with the first letter we received from Mr. Davis . . . .

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Doorway Bingo

in Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield Bingo

We found a way for our most loved social activity bingo to continue! Because of the new social distancing requirements, one of the first questions was; "Can we still play bingo?" Of course we will still play bingo! After working out a few kinks, we are enjoying doorway bingo. When things are back to normal, we just might continue doorway bingo from time to time. Participation has actually increased and we are seeing a lot of smiles because the residents like the change! Changing the way we do things is good once in awhile.

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Personalized Music

in Music and Memory music therapy Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield

At Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield, one of the most attended activity involves music. We are blessed to be a certified music and memory program community. Our music therapist visits weekly. We normally also have sisters Patti and Cindy that come every week and perform beautiful gospel music.

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