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Aquatic Therapy Session


Billie Hailey, our rehabilitation manager, and her therapy team are always looking for interesting ways to improve physical therapy sessions for our rehab residents. They've been hoping for the chance to enhance therapy outcomes through aquatic exercises. Water’s natural buoyancy allows patients to move in the water without the stress of land-based exercises and the water’s resistance improves progress. After sharing some of the team's “out of the box” ideas with Michelle Smollen, our licensed social worker, they decided to initiate a poolside therapy session. Michelle and her husband, Tom, were kind enough to recently invite our rehab patients to their home for an aquatic therapy session that was topped off by a wonderful cookout. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon and hope to have the opportunity to do this again next summer with our rehab patients. This is just another example of the unparalleled dedication and teamwork of the Liberty Mansfield staff.