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Introducing BIG and LOUD Parkinson's Programs

Posted on 12/15/2017 by Administrator Account

Liberty of Lima is extremely proud to be the first facility in the area to offer two unique physical and speech therapy programs. Residents suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, strokes and similar neurological conditions can now take advantage of Liberty’s Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT) LOUD program as well as our BIG physical therapy program. Often individuals suffereing from Parkinson’s and strokes have difficulty being audible, or run out of air when talking. The LOUD program strives to increase the voice’s loudness and improve speech clarity through amplification and tasks with varying complexity. The basic principles of this program carry over into BIG therapy which trains patients to make exaggerated movements, teaching them the amount of effort that’s required to produce normal movements. Although both treatments are not cures, they certainly increase quality of life. Both programs are covered by Medicare and Medicaid and can be performed as inpatient or outpatient therapy. For more details, please contact Mike Johnson at 937-658-1070.