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Two Liberty Resident Council Presidents Share a Special Friendship

Our Liberty Mansfield community is a place where friendships easily grow. One example is the strong bond that developed between current resident council president, Jeffrey Whitmeyer (shown), and previous president, John Henney. Unfortunately, we recently lost Mr. Henney and he'll be greatly missed by everyone. John not only mentored Jeffrey in this role, but the two shared a mutual interest in the history of Mansfield. They were fond of discussing and researching the topic and started a small resident group that meets two evenings a week to reminisce about our city. Jeffrey enjoys demonstrating how to use technology to do historical research and John's rich family heritage in Mansfield gave him many interesting stories to share. Since his family visited regularly, they are like family to our little community. So it was wonderful that Liberty bused many of our residents and staff to his funeral so we could celebrate his rich life with such a wonderful family.

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Local Schools Contribute to Our Christmas Activities

The Leadership Team from Woodland and Prospect elementary schools recently dropped by to share some Christmas cheer with our residents. With joyful hearts they caroled, passed out candy treats and played Bingo with us. The group in this photo decorated a wall in our Memory Care unit with gingerbread men and a felt Christmas tree. The colorful velcro ornaments allowed residents to decorate the tree themselves. The students brightened our day and promised to return with more fun on Valentine's Day.

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