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iPads Available for Live Chats with Family

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We are excited to share that we received a grant from the Ohio Department of Health to purchase Ipads. These Ipads will be available to our residents to facilitate face to face time with their families. Our activity staff is available to assist as needed for live chats. We know that it is difficult to be away from our family members so we are thrilled to be able to add one more way for our residents here to connect with their families.

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Connecting when you can not be there in person

We are all aware of how COVID has changed everything, but nowhere does it hit home more than in the nursing homes and senior care facilities here and across the U.S. We have all been told to socially distance ourselves from others to avoid this disease. Many are finding ways to do this while staying home with hobbies, house and yard work that always used to get past us and of course the constant need to entertain and watch the kids who are no longer in school. People are working from home and adapting. Truth be told, everybody got sent home, but the changes forced us all into different routines. Unfortunately, the change is not as easy to contend with for seniors. The increased loneliness and isolation from families can have a devastating effect on our seniors. Please include you seniors in your new daily routine. Here are some ideas. . .

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Happy 4th of July

in Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield

This year our celebrations have been different from the past. We still had to make it memorable though, so we decided to do an "All American" photo shoot. Once the photo shoot was complete, we did a vote. Lavata won the title for "All American Girl." When asked what the holiday meant to her, she express that it was family, friends, fireworks and food -corn on the cob especially! Her smile says it all!

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