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If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us. We strive to keep our communities vibrant and active. Click the link to the Activity calendar. Calendar PDF

Family Carnival... A Huge Hit!!!

Residents, family, and staff enjoyed our Family Carnival that replaced our Family Picnic this year. They can not wait to see what we add to it next year. Thank you to the staff and their family members that volunteered their time to make our carnival a huge hit.

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Facility Vacation to Hawaii

The last week of July was spent on a vacation to Hawaii in our facility. The week had many activities pertaining to Hawaii from food to a huge Luau at the end of the week.

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Family Carnival

This year we are doing something a little different, instead of a family picnic we are having a “Family Carnival.” This event will be held August 23rd from 3pm to 6pm. There will be food, games, and lots of love to be shared.

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