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5 Star Quality Measures


Liberty of Lima recently had their review from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and received a 5 Star Quality Measures rating! This is the highest available rating! So what exactly does that mean? The rating was developed to assist consumers compare nursing facilities. Nursing centers report clinical data about each resident to the CMS and the information's used to measure parts of nursing home care quality. Data such as; how many residents received flu shots, how many are in pain, how many falls resulted in major injury, etc. are all compared. These measures are often

called the "quality of resident care", and Medicare posts each nursing home's scores.

We're extremely proud of our rating because facilities with 5 stars are considered above average in quality and care. This is just one more assurance that your loved ones are receiving the best assistance from the best staff. We'd love to schedule a tour for you. Hope to see you soon!