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Tiny Horses With Big Personality


While most people are familiar with dogs and cats visiting retirement communities, many are surprised to find out that miniature horses are now being trained as therapy and service companions. Research shows that with their gentle and affectionate nature, diminuitive size and good manners, they have an uncanny ability to connect with children and adults in a very special way. So it's no surprise that we all look forward to a visit from Bonnie Long and her two National Champion miniature horses, Tequilah Sunrise and Impressiable. Bonnie, a skilled rider, personally experienced their calming affect after losing two of her horses. It was through the suggestion of a friend that she looked into miniatures and became hooked. Bonnie's Angels, as the trio is called, are inseparable and regularly visit nursing homes and hospitals, bringing joy and plenty of smiles. We always look forward to their visits.