Senior Activities and Events - Cincinnati - Colerain - Liberty Nursing Centers

If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us. We strive to keep our communities vibrant and active. Click the link to the Activity calendar. Calendar PDF

Easter Treats & More

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain

Resident received an Easter treat bag and had ice cream sundaes. They also enjoyed trivia games as well as a raffle with prizes!

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Positive Words / Positive Thoughts!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Activities

Positive Words / Positive Thoughts is one of our residents favorite activities right now. While we are social distancing, we are also working on our brains. We have an activity where we just focus on thinking great thoughts and positive words which really helps in this somewhat challenging time. We all miss our families and friends but we are in great spirits and in good hands at Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain!

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Enjoying the Fresh Air and Sunshine

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Patio

Eileen and several others love to go out to the patio area and enjoy nature, sunshine and fresh air! Most of us here at Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain like to take a moment to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds our patio area. In the spring there are always many birds singing, a few bunny rabbits in the morning and geese all around.

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Smiling Faces While we Chat

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Family & Friends Social Media

It was a joy to see our family and friends faces . . .especially with a smile! Each week we all look forward to the connection. Who says we can't visit, we just do it in a different way!

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Juanita Sings!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Sing-a-long

Mrs. Juanita loves to sing. She also used to dance as well. Music brings her so much joy. The residents love to hear her sing! Often times when she starts singing, she gets everyone started and they all sing a long.

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