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If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us. We strive to keep our communities vibrant and active. Click the link to the Activity calendar. Calendar PDF

Smiling Faces While we Chat

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Family & Friends Social Media

It was a joy to see our family and friends faces . . .especially with a smile! Each week we all look forward to the connection. Who says we can't visit, we just do it in a different way!

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Juanita Sings!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Sing-a-long

Mrs. Juanita loves to sing. She also used to dance as well. Music brings her so much joy. The residents love to hear her sing! Often times when she starts singing, she gets everyone started and they all sing a long.

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St Patrick's Day Fun

in BINGO St Patrick's Day

We still made St. Patrick's Day special. The "St. Patty's Treat Cart" made it's way to each resident's room where we passed out special trinkets and goodies. We were even able to Play BINGO the old fashioned way... just a little more spread out across the room. Everyone had a lot of fun!

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Face Time Family Chat

in chat smile video chat

Technology is wonderful! Residents are still able to connect with friends and family during our "family chat." Seeing faces and smiles of those we love is very comforting and encouraging during this time! A smile goes a long way!!

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A Perfect Valentine's Day Match

It’s always a full-house when we invite entertainer Frank Anthony. Along with Valentine's Bingo and wonderful sugary treats, Frank sweetened up our Valentine’s Day party this year with love tunes. His specialty is songs from our residents’ era, so they enjoy singing along, dancing and clapping their hands. We’re eagerly looking forward to his St. Patrick’s day performance.

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A Mouth-watering Outing

For our recent outing, residents voted for a trip to Walmart. It’s a great place for browsing and picking up minor needs, so they’ve requested that we make this a regular monthly outing. The highlight of this particular trip was our stop at Skyline for lunch— everyone loves Skyline!

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Ringing in 2020

We rang in 2020 with a terrific New Year’s Eve party. We nibbled on wonderful snacks throughout the evening, popped balloons and posed for pictures in front of a special backdrop. Live entertainment was provided by a high-energy, talented, husband and wife musical duo called Debray Music. With perfect harmony, their music took us through several decades and genres, so there was something for everyone. It was a great start for the new year.

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KFC Carry-in

Once a month, residents have the opportunity to select a carry-in meal. This month Kentucky Fried Chicken was the popular vote. Of course, nobody does chicken like KFC, so it was a real treat. Carry-ins are a fun opportunity to satisfy our food cravings and a great time to socialize, make new friends and share stories.

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Our White Elephant Party Was a Hit

The Christmas season offered ample opportunities for a wide variety fun activities that got many of the residents involved. One of the most lively favorites was our twist on the usual gift exchange by holding a White Elephant Party. The activities staff supplied festively wrapped gifts of assorted personal items and each participant drew a number that corresponded to a gift. A rowdy bout of present-stealing fun began when participants could choose to steal another player’s gift and the game continued until each guest was satisfied with their prize. It was a zany party that we’re looking forward to playing again soon.

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Staff Christmas Party

Each year the president of Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain, Linda Black-Kurek, hosts a wonderful Christmas party for the staff and this year was certainly no exception. Food was catered by a Cincinnati favorite, Eli’s BBQ, and we were showered with marvelous gift bags and raffles. Thanks so much for your generosity Linda!

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