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A Love Story

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I would like to start this blog to say at this time of social distancing our residents have had many window visits celebrating birthdays and families just stopping by to wave but a daily visit from the husband of our sweet Mildred Davis has touched all of our hearts and made us proud to be a part of their lives. I will start with the first letter we received from Mr. Davis . . . .

Thank you "Jamie" for giving me hope of seeing Mildred tomorrow at the lobby window. I was beginning to think i would not see her again before her birthday June 9th when she will be 88 years old the same age as me and also our 68th wedding anniversary. All ended well with the help of the staff (all of them have the map of Ireland in their smile) I will have window visits every day and leave chocolates, apple and a banana. Thank you Liberty nursing staff for your caring patience with Mildred (I need not worry) - Ophinell Davis

Read this article in the Mansfield Journal about Mildred and Ophinell's Love Story-https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2020/04/17/coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic-cant-stop-mans-love-wife/5143887002/