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Resident Council Attending to Business

in Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield

Once a month the Liberty Nursing Center Resident Council gathers to discuss issues concerning the residents and determine some special activities. On the agenda this week is the challenge of where to go for the once a month out-to-lunch event, which often has some residents going out to eat and bringing back lunches for other residents. For May, the decision was made to go to KFC, a favorite of the group. The group, which is chaired by Jeff Whitmeyer, center, also discussed the potential of visiting Kingwood Center this summer. The group decided to wait a while longer until warmer more summer weather. They also went through each department, nursing, aides, dietary, etc., to discuss issues that needed to be addressed. The group's recommendations are then taken to the administration for response and/or consideration. Attending this month, starting at the right of the picture, are Miss Josephine, Mr. Whitmeyer, Miss Martha, Miss Patty, Miss Phyllis, and Miss Betty. Off camera are also Miss Shirley and Activities Director Julie Rudd who attends to take notes and help facilitate moving information to the administration.