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The Power of Music Therapy


Friday mornings are always joyful and buzzing with music at our facility. That's because residents crowd in for our weekly Music Therapy. Becky Pittman, a licensed music therapist, has been associated with Liberty for years and her activity is the highlight of the week for many of our residents. Becky has always had a passion for older people, especially those suffering from dementia, and delights in reaching that population through the powerful effects of her music therapy.

Creating various themes such as color, travel, seasons, etc., Becky gives each week's experience a unique twist. Clever trivia questions related to each theme keep everyone on their toes. Singing helps improve speech skills, and encouraging residents to use the rhythm instruments she brings strengthens motor skills. For 1 delightful hour each week, Becky's audience is transported to happy, youthful days which without a doubt improves everyone's mood. Thank you Becky for all the fun and creativity you put into this activity!