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We Applaud all our Essential Workers

in Liberty Nursing Center of Mansfield Essential Worker

With essential workers being a hot topic throughout our community, we want to congratulate all the essential staff here at Liberty Nursing of Mansfield. Every department goes above and beyond to keep our residents safe and happy. We are doing a lot of room visits at this time. While visiting with one of our dear ladies we noticed that she was down in the dumps. She had one question she wanted to ask me. . . .

She desperately wanted to know why our hair dresser was not a essential worker? For 50 years she has visited the beauty shop once a week, it really brought joy to her life! At the drop of a hat, this essential worker stopped what she was doing and opened the beauty shop to do a wash, curl and dry.  What a wonderful morning it was to step out of her roll as essential worker and become a hairdresser. We miss our beautician and we will all be glad when she can come back.