Activities and Events

If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us. We strive to keep our communities vibrant and active. Click the link to the Activity calendar. Calendar PDF

The Next Best Thing

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Video Calls

For this family member, video calls are extremely important and very worthwhile for both mother and daughter! Video chatting is the next best solution for these two individuals who were accustomed to seeing other in person quite frequently! Hoping and praying that it won't be long before the two of them can be reunited again but until then...enjoy those precious and priceless moments!

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Super Heroes Spotlight!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Super Heros

The housekeeping/laundry department at Liberty are doing a fabulous job keeping our facility looking great and staying sanitized. Thank you Julie Rettig for your expert leadership and your dedicated staff for providing a safe and clean environment for our residents. All of you are well deserving to officially be called, "Our Super Heroes at Liberty"!

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The Test of Time!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Window Hangout Time

This couple is so very precious and still so very much in love! Dean speaks so many affectionate and affirming terms of endearment to his dear wife and she responds with heartwarming words that convey their love for each other. These window visits will stand the test of time until they can once again be in each other's embrace!

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Taco Tuesday

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Taco Tuesday

Making the best of Cinco de Mayo Day would have to include Walking Tacos! Some of the residents had never tried one before but are glad they did this time! Not exactly the type of party we would normally have planned but it'll do for now. There will come a day when will socialize like there's no tomorrow!

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Wave and Well Wishes Parade

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Wave Parade

It was a gorgeous day for a parade! Interim Home Health and Hospice brightened up the day even more by surprising our residents with a "Wave Parade". It's the little things that mean the most! Thank you Interim for including our facility in your schedule of visits.

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Can't Stop Bingo

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Bingo

There is one thing for certain, you don't mess with scheduled Bingo! Most everyone knows that nothing can stop Bingo from happening. So due to social distancing, we have been joined at the ranks and now conduct "Doorway Bingo". Residents enjoy it just as much and everyone is thankful that this program is one that we can continue in spite of adverse circumstances.

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Manicure & Music - Sign Me Up!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Manicure Music Pampering

This is one of our special Liberty ladies getting some pampering – a manicure and music. I was taking requests and she wanted to hear some Lawrence Welk music. No problem! I set it up for her to listen to her favorite music on You Tube. Her feet were moving, toes were wiggling and fortunately her fingers were still enough to get her nails polished! It made her day which, in turn, made my day!

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Can't Break Tradition!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Easter Easter Eggs

Easter comes around once a year even when there are restrictions to group programming. In keeping with the standard of coloring eggs for Easter, residents at Liberty of Lima were up for the task. They colored eggs the traditional way but others wanted to be a little more creative. Geraldine chose to color her eggs by using the paper towel tie dye method. Some experimented with the cool whip design. All of them turned out very colorful and bright. These beautiful eggs were served to the residents for breakfast on Easter Sunday!

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Now This Is Service!

in Liberty Nursing Center of Lima Entertainment Facebook Live

The residents at Liberty of Lima miss the music entertainers that would regularly be scheduled at our facility. One very popular and accomplished musician, Bill Corfield, decided to bring the performances to the residents anyhow! This resident is viewing our dedicated professional from Facebook Live, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and was very pleased with his performance! This is service!

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Virtual Reality Exploits

Our residents were willing to be adventurous recently and agreed to a virtual reality tour sponsored by the Lima Public Library. A representative from the Library brought in devices that allowed residents to view the outstanding sights of Buckingham Palace and a Medieval Cathedral located in Hertfordshire, England. They were quite impressed with the 3-D tour and eagerly anticipate traveling to other sights of interest in the future.

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